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Less=More - Shenobi - Discharges (CD, Album)

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  1. This album is absolutely filthy. The riffs are slow and thick and, honestly, sort of boring at points. What saves the album is the T O N E. Ultra-thick riffing with a clear Melvins influence, just tuned down more and noisier than hell. The production here sounds like some drug-addled denziens recorded in someone's basement with some cheap equipment, and then went "Duuuuuuude, im too fucked up.
  2. Rudolph Frank Moore (March 17, – October 19, ), known as Rudy Ray Moore, was an American comedian, singer, actor, and film producer. He created the character Dolemite, the pimp from the film Dolemite and its sequels, The Human Tornado and The Return of Dolemite. The persona was developed during his early comedy records. The recordings often featured Moore delivering .
  3. LIVE A LIVE Original Soundtrack Release Date: May 2, Price: 2, Yen ($26) Availability: CD Japan / Play-Asia Artist(s): Yoko Shimomura Square Enix (then Squaresoft) published many.
  4. Shenobi Epòdrom, released 23 April 1. Uralita 2. Pisces 3. Heads or tails 4. Tuesday 5. Lightbulb Epòdrom EP.
  5. Shinobi are a Sydney-based 4-piece rock band that spent 40 days recording their debut album in late at The Grove Studios on the NSW Central Coast with producer Darren Jenkins. The boys live shows pack a punch with their big ballsy sound which fans have likened to a heavier Foo Fighters with touches of Helmet and Shihad.
  6. Mar 14,  · The style of punk I tend to listen to is raw, fast, aggressive and in your face (think of bands like Discharge, GBH, Exploited, etc.). This had elements of that, but there was a slowness and almost downbeat feeling throughout a lot of the album that I find difficult to want to listen to for too long, regardless of the genre.
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